Welcome to the Cook’s and Ive’s era.

Welcome to the Cook’s and Ive’s era.

Apple isn’t a tech company anymore.

Today was a big day for Apple. In a special event, they showed us two major new (kind of) products: The new MacBook (and just MacBook, no surname) and the Apple WATCH. The latter, although announced last year as a “One more thing…”, had its chance to be the star of its own keynote. Or maybe not.

And today was a milestone for Apple: the company is not about tech anymore. It’s all about brand. It’s all about luxury.

Let’s start with our first protagonist of today’s show: the MacBook. Every mentioned point concerned the design: how impossibly thin it is. How beautiful are the new colors (with the clear and bold emphasis to the gold color). How the keys are redesigned to stick to such a thin unibody notebook. How they redesigned the touchpad for you to feel the ‘click’ even though it’s so thin.

The specs were barely remembered. I was waiting for, some moment, Phill to say “Hey, it still runs OS X, huh? Can you believe it?”.

That MacBook wasn’t made to be a simple notebook. Or a productivity tool. It’s not made for work.

That new MacBook is a Jewel. It was made for other people to see you have one. It’s a MacBook you can carry to a Starbucks and for people to look at. Everything you do on this computer can be done on any other Mac. But that one isn’t any Mac. Its the MacBook. That one computer. That beautiful one. Unique. Luxury. Fashion. The one that everyone wants.

And that’s what Apple is selling: Buy a MacBook because its a MacBook.

That new MacBook is more of
a jewel than the Apple WATCH.

Even Apple WATCH defines itself as a jewel (and it’s absolutely right). The biggest problem, however, is that watch is a accessory for another thing: the iPhone.

I think that is the major difference between the two jewels Apple presented us today: the first one, the MacBook, is complete by itself and doesn’t have to prove itself to anybody. The watch, on the other hand, has the tough task to create a new market.

Android Wear and Apple WATCH are not, in fact, competitors. Very few people will change their entire mobile platform for an accessory.

The problem, with both platforms, is that they have been offering SDKs and tools since the day one, kind of saying how the platform should work, with widget-like elements. And a lot of people have doubts about the watches: they are expecting for something that will change their interactions with the watches forever, like the iPhone did.

If a watch master race really happens,
Apple WATCH is on the pole position.

While the widgetgate from smartwatches is a problem because nobody really knows what to do with them, Apple WATCH is still a jewel. It’s still a piece of design. Fashion. Luxury. All about the new Apple .

The buying point from Apple’s view isn’t “Hey, look, with this watch you can easily get an Uber from your wrist!”. It’s: “Look how beautiful this clock is. It’s unique. It’s a privilege. And, well, it makes things like mirroring your notifications and such”

Apple WATCH is the unique smartwatch which can sell itself even if the owner never uses an app besides the clock. Because it isn’t any smartwatch. It is a Apple WATCH. It’s something that no Android, Pebble or another brand made.

Apple made it even more clear that it’s a jewel by the way they announced the prices: the specs weren’t mentioned any moment. The pricetag is defined by the material the watch is made of. From $399 to $17,000.

That’s the new Apple. More about desire, and the brand.

It’s about carry Apple. It’s about wear Apple.

And maybe, it’s not about pushing the humanity forward anymore.

That’s sad.

Special thanks to @Valbrand for reviewing the article.

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